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We service Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, Nassau County and the Bronx.

Over the years NYC Bed Bug Exterminators have provided top quality service to the people of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Nassau County, NY. We have always based our business philosophy on the idea that we are bringing comfort back to you during a frustrating time. Bed bugs being such an uncomfortable topic have always been a source of confusion to those they prey on. It’s important to choose a dedicated, experienced, and most of all trustworthy service to handle all of your bed bug needs.

Bed Bug Treatments

These are our customized plans of action for dealing with your infestations in the Bronx, NY. Through these recommended plans of action we will be able to offer you the comfort your property has gone without. Call our professionals today so that we can inspect your home, and create a customized plan of action. Learn More About Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bug Extermination

Exterminating bed bugs can be a difficult task at times. You have to know the exact areas of infestation, and a myriad of other factors. In order to properly exterminate bed bugs you must decide on which treatment is the correct choice for your property. Our team will recommend the most appropriate treatment plan based on your needs, as well as your budget. It’s important to understand that exterminating bed bugs can take some time. Many treatment plans require follow ups to continue eradicating any leftover specimen.

What’s important though is that you are already on your way to relieving yourself of the problem. Many seek cheaper solutions that they can do themselves, and end up worse than before they started. This is one of those fields where you can’t buy experience, expect good results from DIY, or expect under cutters to do the correct job.

Bed Bug Inspections

With NYC Bed Bug Exterminators you can expect safe, fast, and thorough inspections from our staff. Through thousands of bed bug jobs, our staff has cultivated the experience to find your infestations and how far they have spread with relative ease. We know all of the secret hiding spots that most people haven’t thought of. With the correct equipment, and the experience to use it our staff can complete your bed bug inspections in anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

Bed Bug K-9 Dog Inspections

K-9 Units are one of our greatest assets in inspecting your home or business. These loyal companions can sniff out the locations of a bed bug infestation in no longer than 15 minutes. Ours in particular have been trained consistently to reinforce the work-reward basis that allows them to help us.

Learn More About Bed Bug Inspections

Residential Bed Bug Services

NYC Bed Bug Exterminators provides the best residential bed bug services throughout New York City. For years we have been assisting the members of our community locate, and remove there bed bug infestations. When you work with our bed bug specialists the first thing that happens is we meet you at the infestation site for a brief but in depth inspection.

Our specialists know to look through your mattress, bedding, linens, box spring, power outlets, bed frame, under your carpet corners, in wall cracks, luggage, clothes, and more. If you are unsure whether you have a bed bug problem or not keep this in mind. Bed bugs are about a quarter inch long, with brown-red skin. If you smell an odor that is almost sweet smelling or pungent you could have a large infestation.

Bed bugs are known for their stealthy and secretive nature which in turn makes them difficult to exterminate. This is why our team is outfitted with the tools, and products necessary to wipe them out.

Commercial Bed Bug Services

When it comes to Commercial bed bug situations they can create large scale problems if they are not eradicated fast enough. Business reputation can suffer immensely by just a single story regarding bed bugs.

If you are the property manager for any of the following locations you should absolutely have a bed bug removal service such as NYC Bed Bug Exterminators ready to go.

Daycare Facilities, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Apartment Complexes, Overnight Camps, Day Camps, Colleges, Dormitories, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Airlines, Furniture/Mattress Removal Companies, Moving Companies, Athletic Facilities, Theaters, Casinos, Public facilities and many more. We understand that interruption to your commercial property can cause major problems. That’s why we often recommend our heat treatments to our commercial clients. Other bed bug removal practices can take days to reach completion. However, the heat treatment work in less than two days, Heat treatments penetrate the hard to reach areas in your couches, sofas, and beds. This process makes it very easy to treat an entire building or property. Additionally the level of prep time necessary to launch this process is much lower than other bed bug removal services.

Going Green?

Heat treatment is an eco-friendly option eradicates bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs using electric heat systems. This process is generally faster than others however, there are a few factors that can make a difference.  The amount of clutter, property layout, the amount of open space, and the age of the infestation will all play a major role in this process. The objective through this heat treatment process is to ensure that every last bed bug on the property dies. In some cases this may mean taking breaks to move around furniture, or clutter to reach every last crack of the building.

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